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Mid-sized organizations are often faced with a dilemma when it comes to exercising due diligence in maintaining the safety and security of their employees, customers and facilities. Depending on the nature of their business, their CFO may not consider it prudent to hire a security management professional in-house. However, their growth has forced them into a position of considering  the need for professional security management that understands their culture and unique needs.

Our experts have served as global security directors with major organizations and have created security programs that save lives, intellectual and physical property, and data.

We can develop a comprehensive security program for your organization and help you determine where it makes sense to focus your attention and budget. All under your control. We work with your legal, financial and human resources teams to determine a strategic direction for your company’s security, develop the necessary policies and framework, and train your personnel to become security evangelists.

We make security planning easy and inexpensive.

We reduce risk!



·Executive/Dignitary protection

·Complex discrete investigations

·Workplace violence prevention

·Crisis Management/BCM

·Threat assessment team leadership

·Global security management

·Guard force optimization

·International travel security

Security Guard
Keys to our Success


1. Meet and exceed our client's expectations


2. Partner with our clients to plan and develop a customized security and loss prevention program


3. Implement and maintain the  customized plan with professionalism and dedication to duty

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